Customised cake:


Price of each cake depends on the design of the cake and the complexity of each details.

For simple cakes, the price starting from 8 euros.

For sculpted  and 3D cakes, the price starting from 10 euros.

Price of modelling, flowers starting from 15 euros.

The minimum of slices for a cake is 12. If you want, we can add a false tier.

A 50% deposit is requested and your cake is ready to be made. This deposit will be refundable if your order is cancelled 20 days before your event.

Gâteau de Noël

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote or any specified request.


Cupcakes and mini cupcakes:



Minimum requested for an order is 24 mini cupcakes.

1,80 euro per cupcake.

1,70 euro from 24 mini cupcakes.

1,60 euro from 48 mini cupcakes.

1,40 euro from 100 mini cupcakes.

1 euro from 150 mini cupcakes.



Minimum requested for an order is 12 cupcakes.

3,50 euros per cupcake.

3,40 euros from 24 cupcakes.

3,20 euros from 48 cupcakes.

2,90 euros from 100 cupcakes.

2,30 euro from 200 cupcakes.

Customised cookies:


Minimum requested for an order is 15 cookies.

3,50 euros per cookie.

3,40 euros from 30 cookies.

3,20 euros from 60 cookies.

2,90 euros from 100 cookies.

2,60 euros from 150 cookies.




Minimum requested for an order is 24 macarons.

1.50 euros per macaron.

1.20 euro from 48 macarons.

1 euro from 100 macarons.

0,90 euro from 150 macarons.


All prices on this website are VAT included.