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Why choosing Rêves et Gourmandises ?

Because all of our creations are made “on demand”, They are manufactured manualy with high quality products. We adapt to your budget and give you high quality proposal.

Nothing is impossible…

Who am I ?

My name is Anne-Sophie Pinault. Since my childhood, I’m passionate about cooking. With a maternal grandmother and a mother, both fine gourmets, quickly I was interested at cooking and more especially pastry cooking.

My love of good food is not a stranger to this.

Few years ago, after a gamble with friends, I started to cook cupcakes and gradually, I began cake design. Since this time, I carry on this passion.

Why I love cake design : I like to be creative, each cake I made is unique and I like to create each ingredients, an harmony with shapes, colors.

My priority is that the design of each cake is to perfect and unique like my customers. One cake, one customer.

At the beginning, I was a real self- taught woman and it was not so easier.

And over time, the design, skills are to be improved. New flavours were created. I learn and I progress for each cake.

My goal with my profession of Cake designer is to entertain eyes and taste bud of my customers.

For me, each time I see the amazement and smile of my customers when they see for the first time their cake, I’m the most happy cake designer.

I’m tough on myself, I strongly believe all of my Cakes should taste as good as they look.

To be a good cake designer, I passed my CAP Patissier on 2013 in external candidate.

You are welcome to have a look at my several creations by following the link : galerie d’images.


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